Breath-Centered Practice WORKS

One of the beautifully amazing things about the breath is that it is at once a cause and an effect of our current state of being.

What does that mean?

Well, think about when you’ve been mentally (or physically) stressed. For me, this is usually most obvious when I’m running late or trying to find a parking spot at the grocery store. How does the breath respond? Mine is usually short, shallow and audible. This is the breath being an effect (or evidence of) the stressed state of mind.

The breath can cause a shift in that state of being as well. Just by noticing the breath, you can change your mental state from stressed to less stressed. A couple of key techniques, and you can surf that situation like a pro.

Are you feeling it all? We’ve got a practice for that.

Super-tired from an all-nighter with your newborn? I have a pranayama “prescription” for YOU!!


Want to get in on this life-changing practice? Super. I made something just for you.

Just Breathe.  YES.

Just Breathe is a complete framework for a life-long breath-centered practice.

In 10 foundational practices, you’ll learn the skills for tapping into the unbelievable power of your constant companion: your beautiful breath.

This course includes:

  • 5 instructional videos;
  • 10 guided audio breathing lessons;
  • a companion book, describing all of the practices and the context and foundations of pranayama;
  • a practice workbook.

Interested? Learn more right here.

LOVE you.

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