Samadhi Rush Episode 175// Planetary Relationship Meditation

Shimmering Stars,
I am FEELING it. All.
How about you?

Listening to the NPR program “On the Media” last week, I heard this quote that really struck a chord, “We grieve for one, we grieve for the many.” And I whole-heartedly, whole-bodily agree. From Syria to Mali to Paris to Minneapolis to Chicago and every point on the map in between, I am grieving.

And it is easy to get pulled into a spiral of despair.
How can we help? What can I do? Does what I do really matter? Will what I’m doing ever be enough?
And then the body reminds me that yes, even the tiniest shift reverberates throughout the vastness. We feel that when we lift the eyebrows or drink an especially nourishing meal. It matters.
You matter.
Thank you for all you do to affect positive change in this world. We do this through every interaction: at the post office, with our children, in the sanctum of our own thoughts.

Today’s episode of Samadhi Rush is a meditation to help us practice finding the feelings of equanimity, compassion and love. For one, for the many. Come back to these whenever you can. It matters.

These feeling-tones come to us (in the yoga context) from Yoga Sutra 1.33, which you might think of as the yoga of relationship. We’ve swum in these waters before. This is important work. Studying just how we show up in relationship to each other, ourselves, this planet… this is the work of our lives. It matters.

(More on Yoga Sutra 1.33 in this post, this one, episode 51, episode 59, episode 86, and more.)

Dedicated with much gratitude to my teachers, especially Kira Ryder, who first taught me the magic of embodied mantra.

LOVE you all.


Keep in touch. Stay close. I love you, and I love hearing from you.


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