Sunken-Depth Yoga For Adventurous Students & Teachers

in there out there with Kelly Sunrose

This is super-subtle, sunken-depth yoga, for serious students and teachers.

I offer you complete access to my 18 years of study during one-on-one sessions. We follow your fascination into the deeper, more subtle layers of yoga practice.

One-on-one immersions:

  1. Are 4 months of super-mega-deep yoga; and
  2. Are a place for you to show up your complete shimmering self . I am SUPER committed to my students, and the transformation is so powerful when you show up to your meditation cushion. I will ask you tough questions (but in the super permissive, expansive way that is my signature) and share the depths and expanses of the practice in ways that reveal your vibrant, powerful essence.

The details

One-on-one work includes:

  • 8 hour-long meetings (2 per month, in-person or via Skype);
  • monthly assignments (custom-created videos, audio recordings, reading and practice assignments);
  • lots of email support and space for questions.

What it costs:

  • $250/ month for 4 months, or make one payment $950 to save a bit of money.

Next term begins January 2016.   Interested in applying for the next opening? Click here to apply and begin the process.

Not sure if this is what you are looking for? Let’s schedule a free 20-minute Skype session to talk about your vision, goals and challenges (and favorite foods and music).

What other sunken-depth yogis say about their experience with Kelly:

“I found myself a bit lost and unsure of my direction in the vast world of Yoga. Kelly tapped right into where I was and since then has been a firm but gentle guide for me. I feel much more solid in my personal practice, more confident in my teaching and now that I’m working with Kelly I feel like I’m on the right path. ”  — Sara Spitzer, Yoga Teacher, Syndey, Australia.

“The Universe told me to work with Kelly. Signs kept popping up, from her license plate number to her use of the “f” bomb in class, which confirmed it was the right thing to do. I wanted a yoga school experience without going to a 200 hour teacher training.Kelly’s YouTube videos provided useful asana practices. I can get my leg from downward facing dog to a low lunge without using my hand to pull it forward! 2 years of studio classes didn’t help me with that, but 1 month of a targeted core sequence did. Amazing!  I liked being given a snip-it of philosophy with targeted questions to that allowed me to see/learn about that aspect of the philosophy in my own life. That was probably my favorite part of our work, and the main reason I wanted to sought her mentorship.” — Krystin, Adventurous Yoga Student, Portland, Oregon.

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