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hello, beloved.

I began practicing yoga 18 years ago under the glow of the Hale Bopp comet. I am grateful for every teaching that has illuminated the path, from the grocery store parking lot to the top of Meditation Mount. I have been teaching my signature blend of investigative, devotional yoga since 2006, when I was certified to teach by the Shambhava School of Yoga. I continue to study with Kira Ryder, Erich Schiffmann, Patricia Sullivan and many beloved others. Students who attend my classes can expect sound, breath and meditation practices in addition to healing, integrated movement. Since 2009, I have shared full-length videos and audio recordings of my classes at sunroseyoga.com. I create spaces and experiences for transformative practice in-person and online. In 2015, I joined the teaching family of Yoga Anytime.

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“Tell your story.”

I keep hearing this message on the wind, seeing it written in mirrors and on bike racks. And yet, I resist. Somehow. One of the things I have learned (and so I teach) is that we are so much more than our stories. We are so much more than where we came from, where we live, what we studied, what we have done and what’s been done to us. Those things make up the words on the pages of the story of this life. And yet we are more. We are the light that illuminates the pages of the story.

But for context, I will give it a try. Telling my story.

I have always been a seeker. Growing up in the tall corn fields of Iowa, I was always looking for meaning, symbols and secrets hidden in the natural world, in the world of those around me. Sometimes I caught glimpses of what you might call the vastness or universal love or divine moments of truth. I sometimes saw people living authentically happy lives. So I knew it was possible. I knew anything was possible. Anything could happen.

Oldest of three girls.

I have always been a traveler with a propensity toward nesting wherever I happen to land for more than five minutes.

Art and movement and words. We’ve always been kindreds.

I dreamed of becoming a painter and a radio news anchor.

Like my parents before me, I went to college. I studied German and “The Human Consequences of Globalization” (I made that up) at St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota. While I was there I studied in the United Kingdom, Germany and Cuba.

I played the tuba. And hockey.

One spring night after finals on the top of Old Main hill, staring out across the Canon River Valley, I felt something interesting and perhaps novel to me. So much that I remember the feeling even today, nearly twenty years later. I think I felt contentment. Quiet joy for no apparent reason.

Anything could happen.

Anything is possible.

That same year, I took my first yoga class. Under the Hale- Bopp Comet.

Somewhere along the line, I studied environmental law. And I *became* a lawyer.

It’s strange to write that I *became* a lawyer. Because that just happened to be a job I had and maybe a particular analytical lens through which I saw the world for a few years.

But poetry and justice, somehow they have always resonated strongly in the chambers of my heart, so I won’t rule out that I am still *becoming* a lawyer even though I haven’t practiced for a few years now.

My story includes a genius man I married and a daughter we parent. But I will let them tell their own tales.

So that is the beginning of something that might *become* the telling of my story.


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A little about my work as a teacher.

I began teaching yoga in 2006 after becoming certified to teach through the Shambhava School of Yoga in Colorado. My classes are filled with stories, songs, chants, meditation, breath-work and philosophy. I encourage students to trust the body’s wisdom as they work through postures, finding the balance of sweetness and steadiness in the pose to achieve an expansive sense of alignment.

Many teachers have given me skillful and grace-filled instructions. I love and thank them all. I bow to the invisible guru who brought me to this practice in the first place. My muse is my daughter Oona. I try to love and hug like Amma.  My inspirations are constantly changing, but I am in recent years smitten with the likes of Erich Schiffmann, Kira Ryder, Patricia Sullivan, Vanda Scaravelli, Michael Stone, Jon Kabbat-Zinn and Susan Marshall.

My hope is that students leave time with me with a greater appreciation of the “long-view” that yoga invites us to take, a more compassionate view of themselves and others.


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18 thoughts on “about kelly

  1. Namaste

    As I said in my iTunes review: you’re a fine teacher and you show respect for yoga’s Hindu and Sanskrit roots. I just finished your Episode 22 podcast. Thank you for such a great class AND giving props to Lord Shiva.

    I would worship the ground you walk on–but you’re not an Ashtangi ;). OK,fine. I’ll worship the ground you walk on, anyway. Happy now?

    OM Shanti


    1. Blessings to you, dear Omar!

      Thank you SO SO much for your kind words and sweet review. Smiling wide as I read it! Thanks for not holding it against me that I’m not an Ashtangi!! Ha ha!

      All goodness,

      Om Namah Shivayah.

  2. Congratulations Kelly,

    Your blog has been selected as one of the Top Yoga Blogs for 2011 by HealthcareColleges.net!

    We’ve found your Blog posts to be extremely informative and engaging and we would like to present you with a Top Yoga Blogs badge that you can display on your site. To use your Badge, please visit our Awards page at http://www.healthcarecolleges.net/awards/top-yoga-blogs-2011-awards/ and simply copy/paste the code from your favorite badge into your own Blog’s HTML.

    Congratulations on your award and thank you for providing excellent Yoga information.

    The Staff at HealthcareColleges.net

  3. Hey Kelly,

    you look really beautiful and a perfect example for what working with the mind and body can do for your beauty! Best of luck with your journey, blessings! 🙂

    1. Hi LaVelle! So glad you liked it! I don’t sell it, but I would love to share more with you. If you bring a jar or bottle with you on Thursday, I will fill it up after class. Otherwise, stop by my house anytime and I will show you my fermentation station. (Email me for the address.) great to practice with you!

      1. I’ll talk to you about your source. I know you told us. I’ll pay attention better next time!

  4. Today I was wishing for an interview about you. And your newsletter arrived with this self-interview. Sometimes wishes are answered very quickly!
    Love what you do in the yoga world. Now I am becoming a podcast fan, since my life schedule prevents me from getting to your early classes.


    1. Hi Marc,

      Thank you ALWAYS for your grace and presence on this path. SO glad you are becoming familiar with podcasting– listening to and making podcasts is truly one of my great joys in life.

      All goodness, Kelly

  5. I was just contemplating the yoga classes I’ve taken over the years and found myself thinking of the first yoga class I took at the Ravenna Community Fitness studio back in… 2007 or so. I remembered “Kelly” and “whales” and “lawyer” so I found your old blog and then ended up on this page. I don’t have very clear memories of those classes (or that class?), but the memories are very positive… and probably my happiest yoga memories. Thank you. 🙂

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