For Beginners & Beyond

Kelly Sunrose Yoga // Foundations of Practice

One-on-one sessions are a super way to begin or fortify your practice. Kelly provides gentle, attentive instruction on the nuts & bolts of foundation postures and beyond.

  • Beginner Package: 4 hour-long sessions exploring the basics of yoga: standing poses, forward bending, balancing and back-bending. $300.
  • Advanced Beginner Package: 4 hour-long sessions exploring the fundamentals of yoga postures: standing poses, forward bending, back-bending and inversions. $300.
  • Advanced Beginner and Beyond Refinement Session: for students who have completed both the beginner and advanced beginner package (or with permission from Kelly), an hour-long session to get down to the nitty-gritty exploring the mechanics of a posture (standing, inversion, arm-balance… the world is your oyster!). $85.

All sessions include homework for continuing practice, plus audio and video recordings.

If you are interested in working together, let’s schedule a free 20-minute call or Skype session to talk about what you are looking for from your practice. To schedule your call, click here.

Thank you.

I made a little video about beginning where you are, a most auspicious way to start. LOVE.

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