Samadhi Rush Episode 165// Do Less Than You Think You Should

Sweet Beloveds, hi!

So happy to be here together with another episode of Samadhi Rush. This week’s episode of the podcast features a yin yoga practice recorded LIVE at my monthly “Stretch & Sketch” event at Yoga Refuge here in Portland, Oregon. At stretch and sketch, students may practice yin yoga or draw those who are practicing, or both. It is really a wonderful group, and the mantra that guides us “we lean on each other; we grow together”– really feels right in my bones. So happy you can be there, too, through this podcast. Hope you LOVE it.

LOVE you.

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kelly sunrose yoga// news

  • NOURISH, the end-of-summer At-Home Retreat is forthcoming. Join us! FREE.
  • Molly Lannon Kenny is teaching a workshop series on Yoga and Social Change at Unfold Studios in November. YES! Learn more here.
  • The International Ojai Crib is coming up! I will be there studying with my beloved teachers and hope you can come, too! Learn more here.
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Venus mudra 

Mula mudra 



yin yoga practice//


fluid stability// a 5-pose practice

Lateral stretch

Kelly Sunrose Yoga// Samadhi Rush// Online Yoga Class// Lateral stretch

Belly-down back-bend:

Chin to hands


Samadhi Rush// Kelly Sunrose Yoga Online// sphynx


Yin Yoga

Side-lying Buddha

Subtle Experiments in YOGA// buddha
Twirling figure 4

Samadhi Rush // Free Online Yoga with Kelly Sunrose// Twisting Figure 4

Samadhi Rush// Kelly Sunrose Yoga// savasana

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