Samadhi Rush Episode 157// fluid stability– a 5-pose practice

fluid stability// sukha-sthira

Hi sweetest hearts,

SO. Happy to be here together. How is your summer going? I’m still deep in my space of learning. Spending lots of time with texts and mantras and stories. Pulling them together, peeling them apart. Cannot wait to see how things unfold.

Today’s episode of Samadhi Rush is another 5-pose practice, where we explore stability and fluidity. Together. A yoking of apparent opposites. My very favorite kind of work. It happens because we are together. Thank you for being here.

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  • Richard Rosen is now on Yoga Anytime. Richard’s books have had a profound impact on my practice and my teaching. To study with him (anytime! anywhere!) is a magical gift. (If you are new to Yoga Anytime, please be my guest for 30 days free by entering 6525YAE when you sign up.)
  • Save the date for the Ojai Yoga Crib!! October 22-25!! We are family!!
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asato ma sad gamaya

tamaso ma jyotir gamaya

mrtyor ma amrtam gamaya



from the unreal, into reality;

from the darkness, into the light;

from fear of death, into knowing the undying spirit,

guide us.

mantra// fluid & stable


virabhadrasana ii// warrior ii

fluid stability// a 5-pose practice

anahatasana// heart-melt

fluid stability// a 5-pose practice

navasana// boat pose

fluid stability// a 5-pose practice

ardha purvottanasana// table-top

fluid stability// a 5-pose practice

upavista konasana// wide-legged seated forward fold

fluid stability// a 5-pose practice

LOVE. you.

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