Samadhi Rush Episode 155// Introducing the 5-Pose Practice

samadhi rush// the 5-pose practice

Oh sweet beloveds,

I’m back from 7 days of intense study and practice in Southern California.

So much to share.

So happy to be in full-on, all the way-in learning and living space this summer.

For the month of July, I’m trying something new.

Many years ago, my teacher Karin was teaching me to cultivate a home practice beyond sun salutations. Her advice was to choose five poses and practice them every day for a month. Most of the time, five poses lead to seven or ten or twenty poses, but the capacity for practice was created by committing to those five shapes.

So this month, I’ve challenged myself to create a series of complete practices in five poses. Try it with me; we’ll create at least these five shapes everyday for the week and observe where they take us.

So lucky to be together. LOVE, Kelly

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I ADORE hearing from you all. Your stories of slow, subtle, RADICAL transformation are the nectar of the universe. Thank you.


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Community News

  • James Boag will be teaching a number of workshops and special events in the Northwest this summer. James is a wonderful, sincere teacher. Seattle and Bellingham friends, definitely make it happen! James will also be teaching at The Ojai Yoga Crib in October.
  • Roseanne Harvey is teaching a workshop called Writing the Body next Thursday night in Portland. I am going! Let’s learn together! Learn more at Sola School of Contemplative Arts.


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5 pose- practice on Samadhi Rush with Kelly Sunrose, E-RYT


5_poses_parighasana 5_poses_recliningtwist 5_poses_squat

LOVE you.

heart beats// samadhi rush

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