Samadhi Rush Episode 154// Air & Space, a listening practice

air & space// a listening practice on Samadhi RUSH

Sweet Beloveds,

So happy to be here together. Tell me what is inspiring you in your practice these days.

I am in Ojai, California, my home-away-from-home: Deeply immersed in the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita, so skillfully shared by James Boag.

This episode focuses on deepening our skills of listening by relaxing into sound and inviting ourselves to (simply) receive it. Our pratyahara practice is a way to remember that we humans are Bharata, of the earth, and one with earth, the natural environment. Thank you so much for being here.

Love, kelly

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I ADORE hearing from you all. Your stories of slow, subtle, RADICAL transformation are the nectar of the universe. Thank you.


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air & space// a listening practice on Samadhi Rush

2 thoughts on “Samadhi Rush Episode 154// Air & Space, a listening practice

  1. Welcome to my state!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 One day I will visit your state! Lovely photos and words, as always! I especially like the sweet sound of “nectar of the universe.” Enjoy your stay in Ojai! I’ll be taking some time to listen to your latest podcast soon! 🙂

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