Episode 139// Alive in the City of Jewels

Samadhi Rush// Episode 139


SO happy to be here together. Thank you (always & forever) for sharing your practice. This episode features a 75 minute class I taught as part of Happy Mindful People’s Chakra-Balancing Series. This class focuses on the Manipura Chakra. It is a little spicy! I hope you enjoy it.

A little about Chakras

Chakras (ch sounds like the ch in cherry, not sh) are part of the subtle body anatomy. Chakra means wheel in Sanskrit and refers to energy wheels or vortexes in the body along the length of the spine or central channel (sushumna in Sanskrit). The idea is that when the chakras are spinning like they ought to, we are flowing in all aspects, the central channel is clear and we may experience the serpent of kundalini rising up that channel. (See, this is the super- nutshell version.  For a more thorough introduction read this.)

Manipura chakra, “city of jewels” in Sanskrit, corresponds in the physical bod with the solar plexus. This chakra relates to our sense of self, the truth we know in our gut, or true heart. If we are out of balance here, we equate our self with the duties, jobs and roles we play in our physical lives. Manipura invites us to see the self as the light, love and aliveness beyond those limited roles. When we align with the LOVE that is at our core, we realize the power of manipura.

This chakra is associated with the sense of sight, the element of fire, the Ram and (conveniently for our memory), the sound of RAM (pronounced ruhm).

Thank you for being here! LOVE.


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Easy Pose// Seat// hatha yoga

Heart-melt & rocket-cat

Samadhi Rush// Kelly Sunrose Yoga// Cow

Samadhi Rush// Kelly Sunrose Yoga// Cat


Vajrasana// Sunrose Yoga Podcast// Free online yoga classes

Kapalabhati pranayama

Adho mukha svanasana

Downward dog// Online Yoga Class with Kelly Sunrose


Samadhi Rush// Kelly Sunrose Yoga// Online Yoga Practice// Dynamic lunge

Kelly Sunrose Yoga// Samadhi Rush// Online Yoga Class// Lunge

Hinge + reaching lunge

Twisting lunge

Kelly Connor Sunrose Yoga// twisting lunge


Kelly Connor Sunrose Yoga// Online Yoga Classes// uttanasana

Ardha uttanasana

Kelly Connor Sunrose Yoga// Online Yoga Classes// ardha uttanasana


fierce chair electricity// hatha yoga

Virabhadrasana II

Warrior 2// hatha yoga

Utthita Parsvakonasana

utthita parsvakonasana


Free Online Yoga// Sunrose Yoga Podcast// Trikonasana

Prasarita padottanasana

Wide-legged forward fold// hatha yoga


Kelly Sunrose Yoga Podcast// Online Yoga Classes// Star Goddess

Sahaja Ardha Malasana



Kelly Connor Sunrose Yoga// Free Online Yoga// Samadhi Rush// plank

Half-frog, Ardha bhekasana

Samadhi Rush// Kelly Sunrose Yoga// Online Yoga Practice// half frog

Constructive rest + tailbone lengthening

Kelly Connor Sunrose Yoga// Online Yoga Classes// Tailbone lengthening

Setu bandha sarvangasana

Samadhi Rush// Kelly Sunrose Yoga// Online Yoga Class/ Bridge

Hip rolls

Sunrose Yoga Podcast// Free Online Yoga with Kelly Connor Sunrose// reclining twist



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