Self-Love Fridays// Introducing Energy Medicine with Melina Donalson

Hello Beauty-loves,

I am thrilled about my latest local collaboration: Self-Love Fridays. This 8 week gathering combines super sukha-filled yoga movements with a range of other self-care practices, along with tea (always tea). My aim is creating space to explore and integrate self-care and self-love into our daily rituals, simply. Caring and loving for the self changes everything. Everything. It increases our capacity to care for others, to show compassion, to do our part on this journey in such a transformative way. So good.

To that end, we will be gathering on Fridays here in Portland, Oregon, to practice the art of self-love.

This week’s agenda includes gentle yoga movements led by me and an introduction to Energy Medicine by Melina Donalson. The session will conclude with tea and connection.

Please do join us.

Where: Be Nourished Movement Space, 3719 N. Williams Avenue, Portland, Oregon

When: Friday, April 3-May 29 (no class May 15); 9-10:30am (tea until 11am)

Cost: $12 drop-in; $80 for all 8 sessions (register for complete series here.)

Introducing Melina Donalson

Self-Love Fridays// Melina Donalson

Melina Donalson is an Energy Medicine Practitioner and Yoga Teacher living in Portland, Oregon.

Melina believes that yoga is for everyone. She teaches a deep, therapeutic style of hatha yoga, and weaves simple energy medicine techniques into the practice, to help further increase well being and vitality. Energy Medicine is the science and the art of optimizing your energies to help your body and mind function at their best. Energy wants to move, and her classes will help get it moving without pushing or overstressing the body.

Melina first began to study yoga in 1996, and after several years of training and daily practice, she was certified in 2004 as a Yoga Teacher, with Diana Beardsley of the esteemed Center for Yoga in Los Angeles. This discovery of yoga and meditation created such a profound change in her perspective, and prompted her to devote her life to the path of yoga as healing.

More recently in 2014, Melina began a certification program in Eden Energy Medicine with Donna Eden, who is among the world’s most sought, most joyous, and most authoritative spokespersons and teachers of Energy Medicine. Melina has been combining this powerful work with her love of yoga ever since.

For more detailed information about Melina’s experience and practice, please visit her website at


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