Heartbeats// Holding Space for Each Other


I write to you on the precipice of so much movement: a trip to Minnesota this week to lead a delicious retreat in the North Woods followed by a month-long adventure in Southeast Asia. Amid the movement is a center of stillness and receptivity that abides whether I am aware of it or not.

Remembering is our practice.

Mindfulness is an embodied memory of presence.

This month on Instagram, my friend Nancy Alder issued a beautiful challenged called “back to yoga school” to encourage a re-connection with poses and practices. I have really been digging deep and going to all of the places that are hard for me to shine a light on. And in those moments of scary, unsure vulnerability, there have been brilliant connections created and bonded.

It’s something that is so easy to say and see in others: the scars you try to hide are what make you human and are the reminders that we are all in this together.


{Some of the photo-moments from the first week of this challenge.}

Janu sirsasana// Kelly Connor Sunrose Yoga Warrior 2// Kelly Connor Sunrose Yoga


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