Episode 105// You Are Totally F@<!ing Doing It Right


I am here with you. And I am absolutely leaning on my practice right now. Here in my home state of Oregon, a school shooting rattled us this morning. As I taught my morning class, sirens blared past us over and over.

It is easy to then feel hope-less, full of despair. How many times? Why?

In despair, I do not rest. I cannot. This is not my nature or my practice. My nature, my practice are to go where I can be of service and to do what I can. This I know.

And on some level, I sense this violence arises from an undercurrent of *thinking* that we are un-sorted, less-than, and otherwise not right. This manifests in actions that reflect the out-of-control, the depleted, the un-worthy stories we have told ourselves.

And for most of us, the result of this thinking that has embedded itself in our habitual stories, in our patterns, in our cells is not as obvious as a spent cartridge of ammunition. It’s apathy, lethargy, impatience and the like.

So, I offer you what I can: a practice/space/container where you can relax into the brilliant gentleness that is your birthright. I offer you my love and assurance that you.are.enough.

Please pass this on. Can you help one person today? I offer my sincerest of thanks.



If you find yourself in Portland, let’s connect on the mat.







Also, this!! Happening!

truly north

Registration begins THURSDAY, JUNE 12 with early-bird pricing running the first week.  Read all about it here. Sign up for my mailing list to stay totally in-the-loop.

ALSO, in a few short weeks, I’m launching this!

meditation foundations

Why should my local students have all of the fun in this course?! I have seen SO many radical transformations in my meditation foundations class and cannot wait to share it with my sweet-heart yogis all over the globe. Keep your eyes open for fun early-bird pricing and the launch party itself! YAY! OM!


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Take Your Practice Deeper.

Individual learning and mentoring sessions are a wonderful way to begin or deepen your yoga practice.

I work with individuals and groups using a range of teaching modalities on topics like basic yoga alignment, therapeutic approaches to postures, anatomy, communication, conflict management, growing your business consciously as well as the deeper investigation of yogic texts and advanced practices like meditation, pranayama, bandhas and mudras.

  • New beginners can benefit from the complete attention of a skilled instructor when moving into postures for the first time.
  • Students with an established practice can use private yoga sessions to take their practice deeper: from alignment refinement to meditation to philosophy study.
  • Students working with physical or other challenges will find support in learning about working with their bodies, breath and minds in a supportive environment.
  • Students seeking major, transformative relaxation skills can create sessions dedicated to stress-relief and whole-person restoration.
  • Pregnant and postpartum women benefit from the experience of a longtime practitioner who practiced yoga during pregnancy, birthing and new mama transitions.
  • Moreover, private yoga lessons conform with the student’s schedule and unique pace of learning. Interested? Let’s work together. Learn more at http://sunroseyoga.com/mentoring-one-on-one-learning/.


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Asana// The Shapes


luminous seat

Chin-directed spinal flexion & extension

chin-drop chinextension

Easy, wimpy side-bending + arch & round of spine


sukhasana opener



Bhaktasana/ devotional


Adho mukha svanasana/ downward-facing dog

adho mukha svanasana

Down-dog with shifting gaze



lunge with blocks

Radiant mountain


Tadasana with cactus arms + shoulder rotations



Uttanasana-Ardha uttanasana

uttanasanaardha uttanasana

Lunge with cactus arms

low lunge with cactus arms

Twisting lunge starting in head

twisting lunge with blocks

Virabhadrasana I/ warrior 1 + tapping


Virabhadrasana III/ warrior 3 + “you are totally f@<*ing doing it right.”

virabhadrasana iii

Movements in the direction of chaturanga dandasana



Constructive Rest


Tailbone lengthening

tailbone lengthening

Supported happy baby

happy baby rotation

Tadagi Mudra/ Pond mudra


Savasana/ Integration

death // savasana

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