Episode 101 Singing the Seeds// Bhuvaneshwari

Hello loves,

So good to be here with you. Now.

Today’s episode is a discussion about the Yoga goddess Bhuvaneshwari and a dreamy-spacious chant. I hope you love it.


She is the archetype of creation. She gives shape to things: negative & positive space. She is the queen of the universe.

She is out there.

She is in there.

The thing that has been sticking with me lately in learning and sharing is that there is always space.

It’s already happening.

And our work is to relax in to that space that is already there.

For me, the archetypes help immensely in learning. And Bhuvaneshwari is an archetype of space// loving space// if there ever was one.



If you are interested in learning more, I highly recommend beginning with Sally Kempton’s book Awakening Shakti.

In this episode we sing a mantra to Bhuvaneshwari that is filled with seeds or bij sounds. Here are the words, written on a photo of Amma, whom I think embodies the vast love of Bhuvaneneshwari.

amma with bhuvaneshwari seed


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