Non-aggressive Approaches// Beyond Peace

As I mentioned in Episode 100 (a very special episode where I talked about my practice and answered some of the questions I receive frequently from students), I’m always and only teaching what is actually coming up in my own practice. Right now, that is radical non-aggression.

Something that has my attention is just how aggressive I/we can be in our movements. Even movements intended to create balance (like our physical yoga practice) can be forced, forceful, anti-natural and aggressive. When I started really paying attention to this, I noticed that even though I was moving from an idea of tenderness toward and about my body, the movements themselves weren’t necessarily tender.

For example, in backbends, even though my practice was attuned toward an alignment of safety and intuition, that alignment wasn’t necessarily an expression of tenderness toward the body, its systems and fluids. The pose always required a counter-pose.

The pose always required a counter-pose.

Could that really be the way to practice?

What if my movements became so tender, subtle and non-aggressive that the counter-pose became unnecessary?

Could they?

These observations and questions have been informing my physical practice and my approach in class.

It’s fascinating how the need to get somewhere often trumps the path between and amidst two places.

Non-aggression feels good.

Non-aggression in one area highlights just how aggressive we can be in other/all areas of our living.

Practicing ustrasana//camel as a stand-alone shape is possible when tenderness is the lodestone.

Here is an ambiguous formula for starting:

find an easy shape (sitting, lying, standing)//

soften into whatever is beneath your body//

feel the support of whatever is beneath your body//

locate the space that already exists in your form//

move a little//

be attentive to those movements//

soften again//

move again, this time efforting a little less//

soften again//

repeat a few times//



In support of this work, I created a guided meditation. You can listen here:

For visual learners, this might assist:
radical non-aggression

{If you like this poster and would like to purchase a copy for download, please follow this link to my Etsy shop.}

Thank you.

Much gratitude.

All love.


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