feeling for the edges of the container// i am here for now

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What I need to tell you right now is…

that this space is a collection of my ruminations on my own practice.

A snap-shot of this space in time. My teaching is always ever evolving with my practice. I think that if a teacher is showing up to her/his own practice, this is a natural benefit of that evolution. Sometimes it relates to asana, sometimes it doesn’t. Usually asana is a vehicle/metaphor for some other layer of practice. Sometimes it isn’t.

And it occurred to me recently that we don’t know how anything sorts itself out (really and truly) until it is all over.


I probably won’t know where the practice/life has taken me until I have already been there and gone. I also know that once I’m through something, in art or yoga or relationship or collectively in life, I’m over it and generally do not repeat it. Saying the words, but from a removed place. Even if I’m teaching or writing on material whose general substance I’ve covered before, it’s fresh for me now, or it wouldn’t even be up for discussion.

Well then.

Last week I started something new.

And I adore it.

I am learning how to hold space for mediation. For people to have the hard conversations that sometimes must happen in order for growth to occur.

Since I used to practice law and I have a certain way of looking at things because of that training, I thought I might be useful in this kind of work.

I did not imagine that it would really be my work/ practice in yoga and meditation that would feel so transferrable to facilitating conflict resolution.

I mean, I guess I knew that on an energetic level, I just didn’t realize that for the actual, practical skills required to do this, I would feel quite so well-suited.

This feels like serendipity.

But, as with all things, I have no idea where this will lead.

For now, I keep practicing: carrying water and chopping wood.

Without attachment to the end-point.

Maybe I’ll know I was there once I passed it.


p.s. for my 100th podcast episode, i’m fielding your questions. if you have one about ANYTHING, ask. email sunroseyoga {at} gmail {dot} com. xo.

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