words are words// stories and semantics

three thirty-two

I have been sprucing up this site bit by bit, line by line.

It started because two of the podcasts I enjoy so much (Tranquility du Jour with Kimberly Wilson and Krista Tippett’s interview of Brene Brown on On Being) included words to the tune of “Tell Your Story.”

I think I hinted at why I am sometimes hesitant to do that in the post accompanying Episode 96, but it comes down on some level to a resistance to being labeled, pigeon-holed by a story. “Farm-girl turned environmental lawyer turned yogini” has a slick, sensational sound to it that feels gross to me. Not to mention it hardly scratches the surface of the experiences I have had and witnessed as a human. being.

That said, I have updated my “about kelly” page with a little story about what goes into being me. And how that somehow translates to what it might be like to be with me in class. or at the grocery store. or wherever.

Also, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has contributed to my harmonium fund. I have raised over $150! Thank YOU! I will be singing along with my very own Bina 23b Harmonium before too long. (If you would like to help me realize this dream, you can donate to the cause securely by clicking the “Donate Here” button below).

Thanks everyone for being here.

In the words of one of my muses, Erich Schiffmann, “I see you. I love you.”

And I do.


Also, local yogis, Meditation Foundations begins tomorrow at 8:15am. You can still come! 6 weeks of an introduction to meditation. 4210 SE Belmont. The People’s Yoga.

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