Sunrose Yoga Giveaway! Core of the Yoga Sutras by BKS Iyengar

Core of the Yoga Sutras

Hello my loves,
I have very wonderful news! HarperCollins and I are giving one of you a copy of BKS Iyengar’s most recent (released today! January 29th) book, Core of the Yoga Sutras: The Definitive Guide to the Philosophy of Yoga.

According to HarperCollins:

Iyengar has devoted his life to the practice and study of yoga. It was Iyengar’s unique teaching style, bringing precision and clarity to the practice, as well as a mindset of “Yoga for all,” that has made it into a worldwide phenomenon. Iyengar, who turned 94 in December last year, and calls this his “last major work in this lifetime.”

In Core of the Yoga Sutras, he applies the philosophical core of yoga–the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. These are 196 aphorisms forming the foundational text of yoga philosophy. Each sutra is presented as Sanskrit text, transliteration and English translation, followed by Iyengar’s unique commentary and authority only he can bring to the work.

I cannot tell you how working with the Sutras has changed me– though you probably have some idea if you have ever listened to one of my podcasts or attended a live class with me. I think that contemplation of the Sutras is a natural (and necessary) step on the path of yoga and it thrills me to no end to give one of you a copy of Core of the Yoga Sutras: The Definitive Guide to the Philosophy of Yoga by BKS Iyengar.

To enter to win a copy of this book, leave a comment below. Though it is not necessary, I would love for you to share your experience with the Yoga Sutras. Sign up by 5pm PST, Friday, February 1, 2013. A winner will be drawn at random at that time and notified by email.

LOVE, Kelly

6 thoughts on “Sunrose Yoga Giveaway! Core of the Yoga Sutras by BKS Iyengar

  1. Dearest Kelly,
    Yay! I’m so excited about your give away! I am even more excited to leave you this comment … as it has been a long time coming! So, my first exposure to the Sutras was years ago when I asked you what made you shine from the inside so brightly. Your reply was a brief description of the Sutras, which I rewrote into one of my journals and still refer back to when I need a lift 🙂 Anyway, as I am about to complete my teacher training very soon … we have covered the Sutras for 6 months. I never thought they would have such a profound effect on my life! Because of the Sutras, I have learned that I have everything I need already within me, and how to manage my stress, emotions, etc. Most importantly, the Sutras gave me something to believe in. I’ve struggled with finding a concept relating to the Divine that my scientific brain could allow. Only through the Sutras have I made my way back to believing in something … something grand and wonderful, strong and tender, true and unchanging … all inside of me, all along. I love you dear friend and I hope you know how very wonderfully your guidance has helped to make my dreams come true! Have fun with your give away! The book looks Awe.some! My fingers are crossed to win it! 🙂 xo ~Trina

  2. I was very excited to see this giveaway (I even shared it on my blog even though I know that could potentially mean more competition :)) I think this book looks awesome and I am always looking for ways to go deeper into the sutras. I would love to know more as I have just started studying them in the last year.

    1. Thank you so much for writing, and for sharing this giveaway with your readers. I am excited about reading this version of the sutras, too. I usually have about 3 different books open when I read one passage! Great to add another into the mix! All goodness and love, Kelly

  3. Hi kelly!!
    I want to understand the sutras to come to the same realization that Trina had! 🙂 I have mentioned to you that I’ve been exploring the sutras & looking for a translation that speaks to me. This one will definitely be added to the library list! I love the cover design & colors too, it will be an inviting read on someone’s night stand 🙂

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