Ojai Yoga Crib Love Notes, Patricia Sullivan & Dana Flynn

I had such a rich, diverse crew of teachers at Ojai Yoga Crib. From the esoteric to the completely practical. I must admit that I studied the Crib schedule OBSESSIVELY to craft my dream itinerary, and it worked out even better than I could have hoped. I had the good fortune of hearing many of these teachers interviewed over the years, checked out their style on Youtube and read some of their books. I am so grateful for this event, for Kira, for OJAI, for my hosts, for my new friends.

Now, on with the last installment of this show!

by Timothy Teague
by Timothy Teague

Patricia Sullivan was beautifully practical. Her demeanor and energy are very much “salt of the earth”. The work we did together concerned aligning the body to create ease when doing the most common of movements: standing, sitting, walking. We spent several hours feeling gravity (one of my favorite past-times) and performing strengthening exercises. Patricia calls this practice “the yoga before the yoga before the yoga.” I like that. We all bring samskaras (grooves) to our mat, physical, mental and emotional, and it makes sense that the yoga requires work that may look nothing like the yoga presented in magazines or calendars. I already have used several of the techniques I learned from Patricia working with students with physical challenges.

Patricia was extremely accessible, funny and grounded. All-around great experience.


dana flynn by timothy teague
By Timothy Teague

My session with Dana Flynn could read as a study in contrasts to that with Patricia. Talk about ending on a high note! By the time Sunday morning rolled around, I felt like I had smiled at every person at the Crib (and then some!).

OMG Revival was the name of Dana’s class. It was physically challenging with creative sequences.  I loved the challenge of mid-room inversions with scarcely any space between my body and my neighbor’s. The joy and support in that space was palpable! I felt completely at home in my body and in the world. What a gift.

She was irreverently reverent. And I love-appreciate-strive to cultivate that myself.

There was Glitter!

There was a turquoise harmonium!

There was Gospel & Hip-Hop!

Sweaty, happy, covered with hugs and glitter, I head for home.

I cannot wait for my next pilgrimage to Ojai.

LOVE. Kelly

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