Ojai Yoga Crib Love Notes, my session with Kira Ryder

Kira Ryder.

She is love.

So here’s the thing: the heart-opening-open-open-more-more-expand-up-up-up wave feels unsustainable to me. The universe knows this with its expansion-gravity symbiosis. The breath-body knows this with its exchanges of inhalation-exhalation (puraka-rechaka). The moon is not full all of the time. And I find myself drawn to teachers (Kira, Maria Cristina, Erich, Susan Marshall in Portland, many more) more and more of the time who are as interested in what’s hidden from view as the main show.

So on with it.

Kira was the perfect earthy magnet after my soul-shining experience with Saul. And as amazing as it felt out there in shiva-shakti-boom lava-land, it felt really great to come back to the earth. to the svadhisthana (sacral) and muladhara (root) chakras, down into the pelvic bowl on the floor at Kira’s workshop.

I love many things about Kira: she is completely with you when with you! She is utterly reverent and yet manages to cuss (do people say that anymore?) every few paragraphs. She is playful, yet totally un-flighty about the yoga.

The class was really healing for me. As we went down-down-down to water and earth. We became more familiar, if you will, with the inner landscape. Cut and dry: we practiced variations (I guess you could say) on mula bandha and her relatives for a few hours.

My world shifted during meditation. Simply moving my thumb in chin mudra rocketed my consciousness, though it was really low to the earth– the ceiling right above my brain.

I had a profoundly restorative savasana.




{I realize these posts might read like a foreign language, and they are in part, the language of energy. }

LOVE, Kelly

{p.s. my other Ojai Yoga Crib Love Notes about Erich Schiffmann and Saul David Raye can by read by clicking their names.}

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