A Rant! Video Blogging Day 9

A few months ago, I read a blog post that sort of disturbed me. I wanted to post a comment at the time, but decided to just let it go. (Everyone has their own process, and I know it is far from my place to speak on every issue I feel compelled to.) BUT, as is the way of the universe, this post kept finding me. It kept popping up in my facebook feed. Until I really felt that by resisting it, I was just prolonging my engagement with it anyway. So, I decided to vlog (vid-blog) about it. If you would like context, here is the original post.

I know (I absolutely know) that it is a great, humbling honor for me to work with students on their yogic path. I absolutely respect the journey that each and every yogi (practicing or not) is on. Students, even in jest, I would never make fun of you or disrespect you in this way. If I did, even in complete ignorant un-knowingness, I want you to feel free to tell me.


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