Revisiting and reawakening

I have been revisiting a favorite book, awakening the Spine, by Vanda Scaravelli. Greeting a favorite book is like catching up with an old friend, isn’t it? I treasure the new sparks of inspiration and insight that accompany each rereading. Here is what struck a chord with me last night:

Yoga cannot be organized, must not be organized.
Organizations kill work.
Love is everywhere, in every thing, is every thing. But if you confine it, enclose it in a box or in a definite place, it disappears.

Wow. That totally sunk in yesterday. Of course it applies on the macro level when thinking about religions and schools and what-not, but think too about how one’s actual experience yoga is affected when our thinking, organizing brain (ego) overpowers our connection to the present, to the expression of the breath. Personally, I notice this most profoundly if I count breaths in the postures. What is your experience with organizations, both in your practice on and off the mat?

In peace. In Love. Kelly

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