Episode 1// Tension Release Meditation

Namaste, dear ones, and welcome to the Sunrose Yoga Podcast.

Episode one features a short {8 minute} tension release meditation using the Prana Mudra. {For more on Mudras, or symbolic hand gestures, visit this page at Rejuvenation Lounge.}

UPDATE: I have been enjoying learning more about hasta (hand) mudras from yogini Laura Tyree on Yoga Anytime. Her class, Mudra Medicine, is absolutely wonderful. If you are new to Yoga Anytime, please be my guest by entering the code 6525YAE at sign-up.

Kelly Sunrose Yoga// Prana Mudra

For this meditation, you will need:

1. a quiet place to sit with a relaxed lower body and long spine &

2. a cushion or pillow if your hips are tight.

You can download this episode right here.


Taking the practice deeper:

Check out works by Swami Rudrananda.
Podsafe music provide by Seruiqam.


the dancer

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