Surrender to the flow.

dears, i’m back. i am committing to updating this blog with a new sequence at least once a week. also, if you have any yoga-related questions, please email me at kellydconnor {at} hotmail {dot} com.

centering: begin sitting. feel your connection to the earth. surrender through the hips. begin to focus your attention on each exhalation (this practice is called rechaka). meditate on this interpretation of the final niyama… Isvara Pranidhana–Surrender to the universe brings perfection in samadhi-bliss.

warm-ups: chakravakasana vinyasana x 3-4 (table {inhale}, bhaktasana-devotional {exhale}, table {inhale}, adho mukha svanasana-downward dog {exhale}); fire hydrant (i know!); parivrtta adho-mukha svanasana (twisted down-dog).

asana: half-salutes x3; surya namaskar a x 3; chandra namaskar + anjaneyasana x2 ; parivrtta anjaneyasana & lizard; utthita parsvakonasana, trikonasana {let your heart open way up & the top arm float back}, virabhadrasana 2.
half salute.
Surya namaskar
chandra namaskar with variations
yoga sequence, standing.
vrksasana (tree), garudasana (eagle, photo by whatnot, see full credit below), natarajasana (dancing shiva).
Standing sequence
flow to eka pada kapotasana, gomukhasana, + navasana, pascimottanasana on second side.
hip opener sequence
jathara parivartanasana (hip rolls)


om. om. om. shanti! shanti! shanti!
ardha padmasana

photo credit: photo of garudasana (eagle pose) by Arianne Stiles.

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